Corporate Gifts for Women


While it may seem easy to just pick out just any other gift for a colleague, superior, or company client, one may find it difficult to find unique corporate gift ideas when one is particularly gifting women. While these customers, co-workers, or bosses all have the same gender, one needs to realize that different women will have different preferences, ergo, one cannot just simply buy a bulk of the same corporate gift items when one is too lazy to shop around, "A couple of Christmas back, I noticed that most of the people I am supposed to buy gifts for in the office are all females so I decided to sample items from two suppliers of corporate gifts here in Singapore. Since I was short of time, I decided to just buy the same desk lamp for everyone that was colored pink. These people learned that they received the same thing from me so from then on they would tease me not to give them the same item anymore onto the next holiday because it was obvious I wasn't as creative as they thought me to be considering that I am the art director of the firm," shared Marco Pictonta, 27, who works in an advertising company in SG.

No one wants to experience what Marco has gone through-and let's face it, it is a social faux to be doing the same thing. So, here are a few tips to find the suitable corporate gift for women to make sure you will not suffer from the same shameful act:

  • Find out about her most precious fashion finds: Different women will always have that one irresistible fashion item that they can't have enough of. It can be a handbag, red shoes, accessories like belts, fashion jewellery like earrings or beaded necklace, or maybe a printed blue scarf. Whatever it could be, make sure that you do your research before picking out an item.
  • Start a Wish List in the Office: The easiest way perhaps to know what the person like without directly asking her is to create a wish list wherein everyone in the company or at least your department will list at least 3 gifts that the person would like to receive. This way, you won't have to guess what best to buy-and you are certain that what you will purchase for her is something that she really wants. Just be careful as there might be duplication if other members of the company are also planning to buy corporate gifts to your female co-workers.
  • Observe How She Presents Herself in the Office: You can tell what would please a woman simply by observing what kind of image she projects in the company. Is she the casual lax type who goes to the office without wearing makeup and prefers shoes without heels? Or is she more of the high maintenance kind who is always all dolled up and will never be caught wearing jeans? If this woman is a co-worker or a boss, it is easy to do the observation as you see her regularly. Find out if she is the type who would appreciate a red lipstick or if she is someone who would rather accept jerseys and jackets for presents.

Learn About Corporate Policies: If the women you wish to send gifts to are people outside of your company-who could either be clients or partners of the firm-it might help first to learn if there are certain strict corporate policies that you need to know. For instance, the company may not accept gift cheques or gift certificate or perhaps discourage gifts that are perishable. Samantha Lee, a veteran in giving expert's opinion on corporate gift from Singapore, shared, "There are certain companies who have rules about corporate gifts which you should be aware of. Some companies do not accept corporate gifts when there are shameless promotions of products with big company names or logos, or when they are too expensive as this can be viewed as a form of bribery especially if these are people from government offices". It wouldn't hurt to call first to learn if there are certain no-no gifts that these companies have. That way, your gift won't be put to waste and you are assured that what you will give won't violate any "law" or rules that companies often observe.