On-site Advertising Using Free Standing Display Units and Pop Up Display


The advertising world have introduced a lot of techniques in promoting a product and engaging a person in experiencing their product. Advertisements can be in any form-social media visibility, billboards, television and radio commercials, flyers, and many more. Companies advertise in supermarkets as well, by constructing booths which allow the prospective customers to experience their product. In some malls, real estate companies construct booths to make the services much more accessible to customers.

These on-site advertisements commonly use free standing display units and pop up display to attract customers and it provides other benefits. Free standing display unitsare separate shelves that holds the product from which the consumer will buy. These are being used in a market or other retail environment, such as supermarkets, malls, and others. Free standing display units, just like any other advertising tool, aims to attract customers to buy the product and alter their buying patterns.

Free standing display unitsare being made for the brand to be seen by customers more often, as well as increase its impact once they buy the product. These display unitsshould be noticeable and it must make a mark to the customers. This allow the brands to be distinguished from other brands, and will eventually increase sales. Free standing display unitsare often made out of corrugated board, which means the unit itself is lightweight, easy to transport, easy to assemble, and they are environment-friendly as corrugated boards are highly recyclable. It can also hold weight, which makes them the ideal material for the unit.

There are some companies in Singapore that offers products such as corrugated boxes and boards as well as manufacturing services. Corrugated boxes are usually used by manufacturers for storage and transport because of its reliable strength to carry weight. Corrugated boxes also have a reliable stacking strength and have a crush resistance. If a company decides to invest in free standing display units, they should consider looking for good deals from these corrugated board companies.

Pop up display, on the other hand, also plays a role in on-site advertising. This can be used in making the customers understand the brand's image and promise. Pop up displays are being used in seminars, conventions, showroom, booths, and many other events. Same as the free standing display units, pop up displaysare lightweight, easy to transport, easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is reusable. Their difference is that pop-up displays have a large area to feature eye-catching and striking graphics. These graphics can be the brand logo, its vision and mission, or other relevant information about the product. Another difference that can be noticed is that pop up displays are made of fabric, which allows the advertisers to easily change the graphics on display. This also made the assembly and disassembly much easier.

Overall, advertising have a great part in a consumer's buying pattern. To increase sales, an advertiser must consider having an on-site advertisement to let the customers experience the product and influence their buying patterns. Free standing display units and pop up displays are simple yet they can create a large impact to the customers, and must be utilized.