Types of Mattresses


There are many types of mattresses that has its own different uses but all of them do one thing; provide us a comfortable place to sleep on. Of course, some mattresses offer more than that, for instance, people with skin allergies may not be able to use certain types of mattresses that triggers their allergies. A good option would be to go with a mattress that does not have a material that irritates the skin. If ever you have been experiencing different discomfort when sleeping, then hopefully this list of various kinds of mattresses can help you find the perfect mattress for you:

Orthopedic mattress - This kind of mattress help those people who are experiencing problems with their posture, as well as those who feel pain in their lower back, shoulder, or any part of the body that is due to a bad sleeping position. It was developed by the influence of medical study related to orthopedics, and it is carefully designed to support the back, joints and most parts of the body. A lot of shops here in Singapore offer the best and high quality orthopedic mattresses you can find that is available in the market.

Innerspring mattress - Innerspring type of mattresses are commonly used today. It contains enclosed coils of spring that supports the body. This is also perfect for people who are a bit overweight since the springs can support a lot of pressure. The material used in terms of the surface can be latex, or memory foam. With that said, there are actually many variations of innerspring mattresses and it is up to you to choose which material would be best for you.

Memory foam mattress - Great for people who also experience discomfort in their sleep. The mattress itself is made up of many layers of foam that shape itself up depending on the pressure present on the surface. It also absorb movements quite well, which is perfect for people who have partners that move a lot in their sleep. The downside is that for some people, memory foam mattresses get hot easily because of the way it absorbs temperature.

Latex mattress - This type of mattress is normally made up of natural, or sometimes synthetic rubber. Due to the material used, Latex mattresses tend to be more firm that other kinds of mattresses, which makes it bouncier as well. This can be a good choice specially for people who experience back pain due to the ability of the mattress to provide firm overall support.

Hybrid mattresses - As the name suggests, it is a kind of mattress that is developed in combining two, and sometimes even more types of support systems. The usual one is a mattress that has a surface of memory foam on top of it, and is supported by an innerspring system that gives the normal look and feel of an innerspring mattress.

Investing in a mattress that can provide you with the comfort that your body needs is a good choice specially for those who have troubles with their sleep. But for those who still feel chronic pain in the lower back or any part of the body even after trying different types of mattresses, then it might be the time to consult a health expert.