What We Need To Know About First Aid Kit


If we can be somehow meticulous about a lot of things in our life-like choosing the dress we wear to work every day, checking out if the milk's expiry date is now, or even always checking out what's new in social media, why can't we be as thorough and conscious in keeping out first aid kit well-stocked?

For Sarahlou, mother of 4, having a surgical face mask, alcohol, bandages, non contact thermometer are just some of the essentials she has in her first aid box, "A well-stocked first aid kit for me means that there are things to use when someone got wounded; there will be medicine when someone has flu or stomach cramp; there will be a small equipment to check someone's fever; there is something to wear when the air is too polluted. The first aid kit in my home is centralized and every family member knows where it is placed so they can easily access it in times of emergency."

"First aid kits are a must have for every home, especially those with young children. They can be used for minor ailments and for more serious injuries. An example of a serious injury when a first aid kit can be of use is an injury where the person is bleeding profusely. The use of a sterile pad with gauze can stop the bleeding until the injured person can get medical attention. Without this there is a risk to the health of the injured person," wrote an unnamed writer in the article The importance of having a First Aid Kit in the home for firstaid.co.uk. In the same article, these basic home first aid kit were mentioned:

  • Absorbent sterile cotton
  • Plasters, in a variety of different sizes and shapes
  • Small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings
  • At least two sterile eye dressings
  • Bandages
  • Safety pins
  • Disposable sterile gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Thermometer, preferably digital
  • Antiseptic solution
  • Distilled water, for cleaning wounds and as an eye bath

"Having an emergency first aid kit in the home is not an option but something that every home should strive to have. They are important because they help treat injuries and even ailments that do occur at home. From less severe problems to more serious ailments, first aid kits will help in reducing infection risks and even the severity of an injury. There are many supplies that are found inside a first aid kit, and in order to know how to use each of them correctly, you may need to attend first aid class...Central location of medical supplies. A first aid kit contains all the necessary supplies in one location. This avoids a situation where a person spends a lot of time looking for particular supplies. But if you know that whatever you are looking for is in a first aid box, you will go straight to the box and fetch it without wasting much time. In fact, as a rule, the first aid kit is normally placed in a location that all family members know so that they can get it as fast as possible." said the article Why You Need A First Aid Kit for youremergencyplan .com